A Glimpse from Christmas Past

Who: A fictitious holiday classic told in the first person.

What: A magical encounter with Santa

When: Our main character is in the mid 30’s around the year 1987 but he reminisces back to a time in the early 1960’s.

Where: Our story takes place in around Philadelphia, PA

Why: Who doesn’t love a fresh classic take to an endless Christmas story that ties in local places and events?

A story of a man who while doing some last minute shopping early one Christmas Eve has a magical experience. He stumbles upon a scene though a shop window just as a little girl is preparing to get on Santa’s lap. He begins to reminisce of his own childhood memories as he watches the scene unfold. Then as the girl is hopping down Santa makes eye contact and they are both taken back to a time they both had shared as he stares through a window of time in…A Glimpse from Christmas Past.

It is a story for the whole family. So whether your young, old or somewhere in between you’ll find yourself lost in the pages as you share favorite holiday memories and traditions with your loved ones. So brake out the hot cocoa, cookies, marshmallows and put another log on the fire as you settle in to read what is sure to become a family favorite for years to come. In closing from our house to yours…

Merry Christmas!
The DonahueRevised Christmas Past Full Cover


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